Welcome to KennKart Digital Mapping

Stuart Kenn, Chief Cartographer of KennKart Digital Mapping creates custom maps for outdoor recreation including snowmobiling, cycling, fishing, hiking, and canoeing. We also create maps for cottage associations, real estate agencies, environmental education, first nations traditional lands, tourist departments, and emergency services.

We are dedicated to providing quality maps to organizations and businesses across North America. At KennKart you will find the real deal - a cartographer with over 25 years of experience. Get the job done right the first time!

KennKart Offers Map & Compass Courses for Your Organization

KennKart also offers a half day map & compass course. This course is designed for the novice who would like to become familiar with the proper use of a compass and its components.

The course will also introduce some of the important features of maps and help you develop the necessary skills to read and interpret them. If your organization would like some fun while improving your outdoor skills, contact us for further details.

KennKart will help you: