MAPS - KennKart Digital Mapping
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  • Simple to read and comprehend.
  • Accurate scale.
  • Colour balance for easy interpretation.
  • Appropriate symbols for hospitals, police, accommodations, gas stations, restaurants, and parking.
  • Points of interest, trail distances and contours.

Cottage Association

  • Communicate with all members in your area.
  • Establish sound land-use planning policies.
  • Promote safe recreational boating.
  • Promote a strong collective voice with your members and the government.
  • Provide environmental guidance and awareness.
  • Organize members into an effective cottage watch programme and reduce crime.
  • Promote a fire prevention programme.


  • Large print that is easy to read outside
  • Accurate.
  • Sufficient detail to give you a definitive reference point.
  • Motels, gas stations, stores and rest stops.
  • Colour balanced to read in bright snow light or dull skies.

Stuart Kenn is an avid outdoors person who enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking, and skiing. His passion for the outdoors is reflected in his work – creating high-quality, functional and usable maps, magazine layouts, brochures, posters, instructional booklets and manuals. 



  • Larger text and symbols for easier reading.
  • Outfitters, stores, gas stations and accommodations.
  • Enough information regarding portages, rapids, camps.
  • Correct colours to enable users to comprehend the map quickly.


  • Large paper maps.
  • Tourist brochures.
  • Booklets.
  • Pamphlets.
  • Fast download web maps.


  • Plan a safe trip.
  • Establish cycling awareness between your association and government agencies.
  • Clear and legible for the rider.
  • Accommodations, restaurants, rest areas, and repair shops.
  • Establish distance and time, level of difficulty, and terrain.
  • Ensure a safe and direct route.

Since 1999 Stuart Kenn has been a volunteer firefighter and public education officer with New Tecumseth Fire Rescue

and served as an auxiliary constable with the Ontario Provincial Police for eleven years.

Emergency Planning

  • Respond to an emergency quickly and provide information for water supply and mutual aid.
  • Navigate throughout the area and provide critical information that would expedite response time.
  • Information required to determine the shortest route to an emergency and the hospital.
  • Essential information for search and rescue, scene control, emergency response, and air ambulance.


  • Project planning.
  • Environmental assessments.
  • Parks.
  • Areas of natural or scientific interest (ANSI).
  • Land stewardship.

First Nations


  • Education.
  • Land claims.
  • Aboriginal rights.
  • Project planning.
  • Clear, precise, and accurate.

Stuart Kenn has been a naturalist, environmentalist, and conservationist for over 35 years! He is Ontario’s puma expert and has studied this endangered species in Ontario since 1974. He has participated in various environmental committees and is well informed of the issues that concern us today.